Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Registration Policy

Fees for In-District and Out-of-District Residents

People who live and/or own property within the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District support the park and recreation services through their property taxes and are therefore entitled to early registration.

The 2015 annual fee of $320 ($80 quarterly) will be assessed to out-of-district individuals or households who wish to register and/or participate in THPRD classes and programs. (Alternatively, out-of-district residents may pay a 25 percent per-class premium in 2015).

Individuals who pay the annual assessment fee will receive in-district rates on all THPRD classes, programs, frequent user passes and drop-in programs.

  1. Out-of-district residents may pay the annual assessment fee on a quarterly basis as they register for classes or programs.
  2. Out-of-district senior and disabled classes and programs will be included in the in-district rate with the paid annual assessment fee; however, no subsidies will apply.
  3. The annual assessment fee will apply to out-of-district youth and adults participating in THPRD sports leagues and/or affiliate sports leagues. (All out-of-district youth and adults must now register with the Park District prior to sign-ups to participate in all THPRD and affiliated sports leagues.)
  4. In-district residents will still have first priority when registering for classes and programs.

A valid THPRD Residency Card is required for all program and activity registrations

A Residency Card Form is available online or at any THPRD facility.
Completed forms may be brought to any THPRD facility (with required identification) for processing.

Register Early!

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees are due at the time of enrollment unless otherwise stated in the class descriptions.

Senior Discounts

A 25 percent discount is available at all district facilities for in-district patrons who are 58 years and older, except for the activities at the Elsie Stuhr Center, where the discount is already established in the price.

Scholarship Program

Limited recreation scholarships may be available to offset some of the cost for classes and programs. Some programs may not qualify for scholarship funds. Requests should be made at least one week prior to registering. For information, please call 503/645-6433.

Waiting Lists

Once a class is filled, a waiting list will be taken. You will be called if an opening becomes available or if additional classes have been created. Note: If additional classes are created, they may not be at the same time or day as the waiting list class.

Cancellations and Refunds

All programs operate with a minimum enrollment requirement and maximum enrollment capacities. The district reserves the right to cancel, change or combine programs when minimum enrollment has not been met.

When the district cancels or postpones a class, or the participant requests to drop or change a class at least 48 hours before the first class meeting, the total fee will be credited into your Park District account. When the participant requests to drop or change a class less than 48 hours before the first class (or after the first class), no credit will be applied.

Requests to drop or change a one-day program/class/trip must be made at least 48 hours prior to the date of the activity. No credit will be applied in the Park District account with less than 48 hour notice. Some exceptions are necessary for certain programs and classes, and these are non-refundable or may have their own refund policy. These are noted in the class descriptions.

Credits in your Park District account may be used for class registration at any facility. However, all credits of more than $2 will be refunded on the next available cycle.Cycles will run three times per week, adjusting for holidays. Credits of $2 or less will remain in the registration system. Full refunds will be processed by the method of payment used.

Requests to drop or change a camp program must me made at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the start of camp. No credit will be applied in the participant's Park District registration account with less than 14 days notice. Camp deposits are not refundable and no credit will be applied in the participant's Park District registration account.

Out-of-District Assessment Fee Schedule

Annual Assessments Start Date End Date Cost
Winter 2015 12/15/2014 12/14/2015 $ 320
Spring 2015 03/15/2015 03/14/2016 $ 320
Summer 2015 06/15/2015 06/14/2016 $ 320
Quarterly Assessments Start Date End Date Cost
Winter 2015 12/15/2014 03/14/2015 $80
Spring 2015 03/15/2015 06/14/2015 $80
Summer 2015 06/15/2015 09/14/2015 $80

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