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New Patrons

To obtain a THPRD residency card, complete the registrant information form and bring it to any THPRD facility with your current Oregon driver's license or DMV identification card and a second piece of identification as proof of your residency status (ie: utility bill, lease agreement, insurance card or property tax statement). Staff will be able to give you a temporary card to use at that time.

Anyone may join THPRD, but out-of-district residents need to purchase an assessment before participating in THPRD classes and programs. For more information about residency requirements and assessments please read our registration policy.

Current Patrons

In-district patrons are required to periodically renew their cards so the park district can re-verify residency. Renters renew annually and homeowners renew once every three years. The card expiration date can be found by logging into myTHPRD registration portal.

Please renew your card at any of the district's recreation centers by presenting a current Oregon Driver's license and a current utility bill, lease agreement, bank or credit card statement, insurance card or property tax statement. There is no charge to renew a card.

There is no renewal requirement for out-of-district patrons.

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