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At THPRD, we believe through volunteerism, we will make our community a better place to work and play. Each year, volunteer coaches, lifeguards, natural area restoration volunteers, therapeutic aides for seniors and physically challenged individuals, day-care attendants, special event volunteers and many others, make it possible for citizens of all abilities and ages to participate in activities.

Featured Volunteer: Tom Hawkins

Tom still remembers the positive impact his coach had on him when he was a kid in THPRD’s basketball program. It was this experience that encouraged him to play throughout high school and inspired him years later to join THPRD as a coach. Now in his second year coaching with THPRD’s youth basketball program, Tom has learned to go with the flow. Although it can be disappointing to lose games, he prefers to emphasize team improvement, personal growth, and having fun, over winning.

Tom’s positive attitude and energy has made him popular with his team, the Falcons. He enjoys the relationships he has created with the kids, for whom he’s just young enough that he’s still cool. These relationships are what keep him committed despite his busy life. When not coaching, Tom works for Nike’s archives department, and in his free time enjoys playing basketball and hiking. He commits about 5 to 6 hours a week to coaching, including two practices and regular communication with parents. Tom says it’s all worth it.

Coaches like Tom are important role models for their team, teaching life skills alongside athletics. THPRD is always looking for more coaches like Tom. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach contact Volunteer Services at volunteer@thprd.org or 503/629-6300 x1222, or apply here.

How to volunteer with THPRD:

Check out our volunteer pages, which are divided into youth, adult, special events, team building and environmental volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Services can help find a program, project or event to fit your interests. Contact volunteer@thprd.org or 503/645-6433

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