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I'd like to teach a new class at a THPRD recreation center. How can I make this happen?


We are always interested in adding qualified and passionate instructors to the THPRD team.

We recruit instructors for many of our most popular classes via job postings at THPRD facilities (and also posted here). Many of our specialty classes are taught by instructors who have contacted us with a specific interest in teaching a subject they are passionate about.

If you want to share your passion, here’s how:

  • Request a meeting with the center supervisor and/or a program coordinator at the recreation center that you feel is the best fit for your course.
  • If a meeting is granted, it means we want to hear your course proposal. Be mindful of the center’s business hours and clientele, as well as space and budget limitations.
  • You may be asked to provide a resume of your teaching experience, references, a lesson plan (including objectives and outcomes), a demonstration of the skill you intend to teach, and the recommended cost and class segments for your course.
  • Be prepared to make your pitch at least six months in advance of the period in which you intend to teach, so we may list your class in our activities guide.

If your pitch is successful and your listed class meets enrollment minimums, congratulations! You’ll have a chance to share your special talent with THPRD patrons as a part-time instructor or contractor.

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