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Planning & Development

The goal of the Planning and Development Department is to work with district residents and regional agencies to provide new and improved parks, recreation areas, natural areas and open space tracts to meet the needs of our community.

This page will be updated with our most current info. Check back often to see what projects have been completed in your neighborhood.

Comprehensive And Trails Master Plan Updates

THPRD's Comprehensive and Trails Master Plan Updates were approved by the Board of Directors in November 2006. These updates serve as a guide for how the Park District will acquire, develop, operate and maintain land, facilities, trails and programs over a 20-year period. It should be updated every 5-10 years to assure that goals, objectives and recommended actions continue to reflect the changing needs of the Park District, its patrons and the community at large.

Since the original plans were completed in 1997-1998, conditions in the Park District have changed significantly. A substantial amount of new development has occurred, the population demographics have changed, and the character of park, trail and open space needs have shifted to accommodate the development and demographic changes.

In addition, park and recreation planning and operation and maintenance practices in this region and across the country have evolved. As a result, much of the factual information in the original Comprehensive and Trails Master Plans has been updated or replaced, and a new look at a variety of issues has been undertaken to assure that the Park District continues to meet the changing needs of its constituents.

To view the updated Comprehensive and Trails Master Plans, please follow the links below:

Comprehensive Plan
Trails Master Plan

Signage Master Plan

The Signage Master Plan is a guideline for planning and implementing an exterior signage system that provides visually uniform sign designs that are cohesive throughout the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. The plan includes a signage classification system and graphic design standards and specifications to follow when planning and manufacturing signage for a site.

Signs connect a park site and it’s visitors. Visitors can identify, direct and interpret features within a park site and signage can provide the users with a sense of knowledge and safety. Signs that have unity in its message and basic design enable the visitors to:

  • Gain an understanding of the site
  • Use the site appropriately
  • Identify different sites as part of a larger park system
  • Locate and access those parks throughout the park system with minimal effort

The Board of Directors adopted the Signage Master Plan April 2009. Implementation around the district will begin in 2010. For more complete information, please see a copy of the Signage Master Plan in the Planning and Development document center.

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