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Recently Completed Projects

The capital projects detailed below are all projects funded by THPRD's annual operating budget. Completed capital projects funded by THPRD's 2008 bond measure are listed separately and detailed here.

Ben Graf Trail Improvements

To improve neighborhood connectivity, THPRD constructed a trail to connect two sections of the Graf Meadows residential subdivision.

Despite their proximity, the two neighborhoods were divided by a wetland that was impassable a majority of the year. The construction of this hard-surface trail, connecting NW Graf Street and NW Bernietta Court, allows for safe, year-round passage between the two neighborhoods.

If you have any questions or comments about this project please contact Nicole Paulsen at npaulsen@thprd.org or 503.629.6305.

PCC Rock Creek Dog Park

The PCC Rock Creek dog park is now open. In response to the increasing demand for dog parks, THPRD worked out a lease agreement with PCC Rock Creek to use a portion of its land for an off-leash dog park. The dog park is made up of three separate areas: one for all dogs, one for small/timid dogs and one for winter use.

The fenced two-acre dog park is maintained by THPRD. It is located at the east side of the PCC Rock Creek Complex, on NW Springville Road in the Bethany neighborhood. Amenities include benches, disposal bags and a water fountain.

The all season area is open; the other two areas will be open next summer so grass can take root.

If you have any questions regarding the doggie bags, please call the THPRD Maintenance Operations office at 503/629-6360. The bags can be found on the rules and regulations posts at most THPRD parks.

To review a listing of other great THPRD parks where you can walk your dogs, click here.

If there are any other comments or concerns related to the PCC Dog Park, please contact Lisa Novak at lnovak@thprd.org.

Waterhouse Trail - Walker Road Crossing

In 2010, THPRD was awarded $243,000 from the Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian grant program, administered by ODOT. With these funds, THPRD was able to design and construct a signalized mid-block crossing at Walker Rd where the Waterhouse Trail intersects it. The crossing is located just west of Schendel Road (near Fred Meyer). In addition to the crossing, THPRD has realigned a small section of the trail on the south side of Walker road in order to improve trail user accessibility and safety. A plan is available for you to view in the "Document Center" on the right side of this page.

The crossing construction was completed in December and the lights became operational in January 2013.Combined with the completion of the 2008 Bond Measure, Waterhouse Trail projects in 2013, completion of this project will mark over 4 miles of continuous trail. The Waterhouse Trail will provide a connection from Springville Road (near the PCC Rock Creek campus) to the Tualatin Hills Nature Park and the Westside Regional Trail.

If you have any questions or comments about this project please contact Nicole Paulsen at npaulsen@thprd.org or 503.629.6305.

Fanno Creek Trail — Hall Blvd Crossing Feasibility Study

In 2007, THPRD was awarded $359,000 in Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) funds from Metro to undertake a feasibility study. This study is intended to identify a preferred crossing option of the Fanno Creek Regional Trail where it intersects with Hall Boulevard in order to improve trail user and vehicle user safety. These funds became available in late 2009 and the project, in partnership with the City of Beaverton, got underway in spring 2011.

As part of the project, an 11-member Stakeholders Advisory Committee (SAC) was created to assist the design team in reviewing possible crossing options. In total, 5 options have been considered, reviewed, analyzed, and discussed, and include:

  • Signalized mid-block crossing
  • Undercrossing
  • Overcrossing
  • Signalized crossing at Creekside Drive/Hall Boulevard
  • Crossing at the existing signal at Greenway Drive/Hall Boulevard

In addition to SAC input, the design team made presentations of these possible options to a number of small community groups and committees, including the Vose and Greenway NACs, THPRD’s Trails and Natural Resources Advisory Committees, City of Beaverton’s Traffic Commission and Bicycle Advisory Committee, Beaverton City Council, and the THPRD Board of Directors. A community open house was also held in September 2011, March and May 2012 to present the 5 options and gain feedback.

Based on all the feedback received, the 5 options were narrowed from 5 to 2, the at-grade crossing and the overcrossing. Consensus has been that these are the only options that will significantly improve trail user and vehicle user safety. These two options will be presented at an upcoming Board of Directors meeting on June 18, 2012. Once a preferred crossing option is identified, it will be presented to the Beaverton City Council and the THPRD Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, THPRD will begin the process of identifying and securing funds for detailed design and construction of the preferred crossing option.

For more detailed information about his project and to review information about all of the options considered and the public involvement process to date, please visit the project website at www.fannocrossinghall.org.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Nicole Paulsen at npaulsen@thprd.org or 503/629-6305.

Fanno Creek Trail
Former Greenwood Inn to Scholls Ferry Road

After over a decade of public involvement, planning, right-of-way negotiations, design, engineering, THPRD opened the approximate ½-mile section of the Fanno Creek Regional Trail on January 3, 2012. The trail represents the final significant gap in the 4½-miles of this regional trail located in southeast Beaverton. This small section of trail connects to the existing trail at the former Greenwood Inn site (Allen Boulevard east of Highway 217) to the SW Allen Boulevard/SW Scholls Ferry Road by the City of Beaverton Operations Facility.

The new multi-use trail section (click here for a map) is 10’ wide and constructed of asphalt, and includes 11 boardwalks where the trail crosses drainageways and wetlands. A small portion of the trail, located at the City of Beaverton Operations Facility, will incorporate pervious concrete (a joint venture between THPRD and the City of Beaverton). This section of trail is expected to be completed by late summer 2012, in conjunction with Washington County’s bridge replacement project (over Fanno Creek) along SW Scholls Ferry Road. Currently, this short section of trail is constructed of compacted gravel and goes around the City’s parking area.

In addition to the trail improvements, the project also included a number of natural resource area improvements along the Fanno Creek corridor, including the removal of invasive plants, planting thousands of native trees and shrubs, the creation of a wetland designed to improve the flood storage capacity of the creek, and areas of creek bank stabilization to help improve fish habitat and water quality of the creek.

If you have any questions or comments about this project please contact Nicole Paulsen at npaulsen@thprd.org or 503.629.6305.

112th Street Remodel/Maintenance Yard/Athletic Fields

In November 2010 THPRD purchased the old Frito-Lay property at 6220 SW 112th Avenue, next to Wonderland Park. The 13.67 acre property, now known as the Fanno Creek Service Center, houses a building and has a large open space area.

This location, upon its expected completion in spring 2012, will house the Natural Resources, Planning & Development and Maintenance departments.

Renovations include remodeling the building interior to allow for employees to occupy the space, construct a maintenance yard and design and build two athletic fields. One of the athletic fields will be a synthetic turf field for THPRD use. The other field will be the adidas Timbers Training Center field made of natural grass.

Permanent restroom and Upgrades at PCC-Rock Creek Campus

THPRD has completed construction of a permanent, waterless restroom at the east end of the park near ballfield #3. This much-needed capital improvement was partially funded by a local government grant through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

PCC Rock Creek also received park upgrades including backstop netting and sports field fencing.

If you have any further questions please contact Nicole Paulsen at npaulsen@thprd.org or 503/629-6305.

(Content updated July 3, 2014)

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