Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

Budget & Finance

The District is required to adopt a final budget by no later than the close of the preceding fiscal year. The annual budget is intended to serve as a financial plan, operational plan and operations guide for the District’s activities. The budget is prepared and adopted by fund and organizational unit, or division. Most budget changes after adoption require either a resolution by the Board of Directors, or a supplemental budget process.

The schedule for preparing the District 2014/15 budget is as follows:


  • February 6 - Publish notice
  • February 13 - Post notice on District website
  • February 24 - Mid-year Budget Review Meeting (public input)
  • April 3 - Publish notice
  • April 10 - Post notice on District website
  • April 14 - Deliver Proposed Budget to Budget Committee
  • April 21 - Budget Committee Work Session (public input)
  • April 24 - Publish notice
  • May 1 - Post notice on District website
  • May 12 - Budget Committee Meeting to Approve Budget (public input)
  • June 5 - Publish notice and summary
  • June 16 - Hold Public Hearing to Adopt Budget (public input)
  • July 15 - Tax levy certified by Washington County

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